Should You Buy the World's Fastest 15" Laptop w/ i9-9900K? Eurocom Sky X4C Review (Clevo P750TM1)

Should You Buy the World39s Fastest 15quot Laptop w i9 9900K

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44 thoughts on “Should You Buy the World's Fastest 15" Laptop w/ i9-9900K? Eurocom Sky X4C Review (Clevo P750TM1)

  1. Hope you guys enjoyed this laptop review! Crazy powerful laptop, too powerful even for a laptop of this size/cooling capability. Overall, I'm impressed, but this laptop isn't for everyone.

    The mega-giveaway is over and I've yet to select the winners, but it'll be done here really soon. I've been very busy traveling with Carla for Christmas, so please be patient with me. I should have the winners posted by the end of the week.

  2. I'd like to see this in a gaming laptop: 14". A bit thicc, but not too much. Maybe a full 1 inch or even 1.25. Very rounded corners, which still makes it easy to get in and out of the bag. Not too heavy. Excellent cooling. Excellent durability. Excellent battery life. (Just with browsing and not necessarily while gaming, though.) The extra space can buy those qualities. And before you say "Alienware 13" — too heavy. Not rounded. Poor battery. Too small a screen. Wrong styling.

  3. great review like ever.
    but why only -0.50mv? doesn't it allow 75mv or 100mv deduction?
    and repasting with grizzly plus deliding(i know 9900K is solder already but it's shouldn't be the best material as intel prefer longevity more than best thermal paste out there)
    also,if the heat is coming from sides,how much could a vacuum cooler(dual units) help temps and throttling as well?

    merry Christmas/happy new year by the way

  4. Upgraded my Clevo P870DM3-G (same as EUROCOM Sky X9E2) to a 9700k from 7700k thanks to modded firmware enabling Coffee Lake CPUs on Z170/270 chipsets. It turns out Intel wasn't entirely honest about the 8th and 9th gen chips not being compatible with the older platforms.

  5. Fingerprint sensor sucks and the power plugin on mine is loose, barely plugs in, right out of the box. All my USB ports are loose. Poor quality with clevo laptops

    * I have the 17" 8700k version

  6. That is not a laptop. That is a mobile desktop. I am not placing that on my lap. Hell no. I am not complaining though. I would take it.

  7. Of course everything is going to throttle a 9900k and a gtx 1080 under the same shared heat pipes in small laptop.. no way to cool them way down unless water cooling externally to laptop…. also try video and screenshots of software showing us how it runs not just talking about it…

  8. You can actually upgrade the GPU as well, say Nvidia brings out the 2080 Ti mobile graphics card you can swap it (Which they might, because on Mobile Benchmarkers there's a new list saying 2080 Ti (MOBILE)

  9. WTF. Another laptop with an i9 9th generation cpu. So far Alienware Area 51M and that laptop support i9 9th generation and the Asus Mothership GZ700. Thanks for teaching at 5:20 how to install a cpu because I do not know how to install but now I know how.

  10. Personally waiting for the WT75 or Tornado F5 (with beefed up VRM's/Heatsink) as I can't stand the clevo locked BIOS's and terrible build quality

  11. 10:36 How does the desktop not have that when they have the exact same CPU? Do you just not have it enabled on the desktop or something? On second thought, if that was the case then the desktop would have MUCH longer render times.šŸ¤”

  12. Could you comment on DPC latency? Please download LatencyMon (it's free), this would greatly help the audio production community, as it tells us whether the system is or isn't suitable for real-time audio processing. Thanks for a great review šŸ™‚

  13. i just cancelled my area 51 m 2080 9700k order for a eurocom 2080 8700k. eurocom offer a far better build service than dell (i would say the same as hidevolution). delidded cpu, LM, copper IHS, yes thanks šŸ‘

    dell support ā€˜you cannot repaste of you void your warrantyā€™. dell European support šŸ„“

  14. I have this system, but it just isn't worth it to have the i9 9900k. I went with the i7 8700 6 core 12 thread, and picked up a 32gb 2666mhz Corsair vengeance kit for about $138, slapped two 1 TB WDC Black 7200 RPM drives and an Intel 660p series 512 GB NVME SSD for my boot drive. RTX 2060 6GB GPU and the standard IPS 1080p panel. Takes everything I can throw at it, and since I'm an over the driver, my computers go through hell, temperature extremes, vibration, bouncing, falling to the floor, on top of pushing it hard with some games. It's been with me for about 8 months or so as of November 2019, and the only issue I've had so far is the WDC 1TB drive that came with the chassis, because I order my stuff without an OS, died for no reason. Luckily, the backup installation of windows on that drive had been backed up to a second external drive. I usually run 2 boot drives in my systems so I can recover them on the road in case of failure, whether is hardware OR software related. I really hate not having my computer. I actually use the thing more than my phone. It's just much more pleasant to work with in all things than my smartphones

  15. I hate apple laptops, but don't the new Mac pros do better in terms of thermals and performance? I'm probably wrong, but could have swore I saw somewhere they did really well

  16. So what the fuck is the point of this? Wait 5 years and the macbook air will outperform this. Or maybe even a pringles laptop. Money spent on high-end technology is always a waste. Law of diminishing returns. It's a law, not my opinion.

  17. Yeah I could tell it was going to have heat issues. In my opinion 15" is too small to put a full maxed out desktop level chip.
    I got the x7c also from Eurocom which is the 17" and it sometimes has trouble keeping the 9900k i9 cool and that's with bigger fans and separate heatsink for the cpu with x4 heat pipes!! For having less heatpipes and sharing some with other components it does better than I thought it would.

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